My Short Story

Inspiration Behind QOL.

Quartz Of Love Candle & Crystal Co. was created with pure love & passion. My grandma gave me a Rose Quartz crystal to hold onto right when all of my depression and anxiety started during the time I underwent decompression brain surgery after being diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation (a condition in which brain tissue extends into the spinal canal, causing pressure resulting in severe headaches & migraines) my junior year of high school to relieve my chronic migraines. I have always kept it on or near me every single day. It has become a safety blanket for my mind. It brings me calmness and peace when my mind wants me to feel the exact opposite. I wanted to create something so I could share this same feeling of tranquility with others who may also cope with daily mental struggles. There is an endless amount of different crystals that hold different meanings. They are all used in a variety of ways including holistic healing. Candles are used for a variety of reasons as well but for me it has always been relaxation. I wanted to bring together two of my favorite things and make it one. I've created something for you to light at your lowest as a reminder that there is still love and light around you. I've created something for you to light at your highest and enjoy the peace as well. I hope the meaning of the crystal within your candle resonates with you.
Each and every candle is hand crafted and poured with love, always.
- Jess